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10 Memorable Types of Men You Date Before Meeting The One

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Frankly, single women in the dating over 30 scene should not be a trial and error type of a processor game. Most single women over 30 can testify to have dated every type of man there is. However, relationships should not be counted to be a failure because of break-ups with a few types of men.

The Types of Men We Get Away From

In the world of dating there are those types of men we want to get away from as soon as we realize what they are about.

Trust me, you have to consider break-ups as feedback that what you were attached to emotionally cannot work for you. Sometimes it does not work for you because you are much better than that dating scene. Gather your experience in joyful celebration and be get ready for your perfect match.

The match is a term used for games to show two parties in competition with the end goal to find a winner and a loser. For a single woman, the target is for a winner who is not married. Definitely, a perfect match means that the single woman has dated a winner. Question is who decides which one is the winner? These types of men are most likely that single women date them and break away from them before meeting the one.

Mr. Cheerleader

This type of man will agree to all your dreams and aspirations. He always says, “You can do it” or “you can become anyone you want to be”. His motivation is the right one that is needed in the process of achieving anything.

Probably, the sun shines every morning and all you see are smiles. How little of these encouragements you got from your dad. That is all you think when you are around him. In the event of achievements, he will be there to blow your trumpet and praise you frequently. Every cheerleader is motivated by wins. In a family, there are not so many wins thus he would be turned off or even quit.

Mr. Perfect body

Certainly, This type of man is one you will be very attracted to physically with charming chemistry. Your heart is always in hypertensive and your body excited by the sight of him. He never comes without charming styles of talking and caressing you.

Perfect Man Body
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Get it girl and be happy but do not count on his sincerity. Thinking of life without intimacy, it is left void because there is nothing you can identify with him. Such thoughts clear clouded judgment and set the mind focused on the one. Is intimacy enough for a solid foundation for a long-term relationship? This is the dream man of singles in their 20s.

Mr. Sponsor

Look likes Professional Man
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For some reasons, he seems to be quite successful in money-making ventures. He wants to make you feel like a queen and get every fine thing for you. He is done to earth to help in any way possible. Care and love can be mistaken in the way he treats you with his rose and chocolate lifestyle. The world is all yours and you are all his what could go wrong. Your wish is my command is not a clique to him rather is exactly how he acts. Even millionaires go broke if they make mistakes in their business kingdom.

What could happen if suddenly there is no abundance? Can he stand back to his feet if the economy crashes on him? Looking for happy forever after? Then you should greatly consider these factors. 

The Types of Men Who Get Away

And then there are these types of men we would have rather married but they didn’t approve of us. These type of men are most likely that single women date right before meeting the one as they teach you lessons you never forget.

Mr. Superman

You will feel secure when you are with him. He is influential and people listen to him. He is a secret admirer for many women. Feeling secure is good but that is not all there is for a good relationship. Security could be deceptive. Signals of a caring man can be intelligent looking out for you with such authority that says it is his job.

Mr. Rock Star

He is funny and always has the next great thing to share with you just to find your funny opinion. You are best friends before you even start dating. He is the guy you want to go to the movies with regardless who pays for the ticket. You share many fun moments together but no romantic sparks. Chemistry is not the thing here which makes it feel like a side plan if you don’t get to find the one.

Mr. Brainstorm

He is intellect and most time you are talking about the new thing you have discovered about life. You are mentally stimulated by your frequent conversations. He has great ideas and a bright perceptive concerning world events. You may want to be with a high IQ man.

Mr. Fixer

He can do many repairs and turn on dead engines. Thing around you is fixed to work efficiently and much better. He is never short of solutions and this can be a sexy part of him. To keep him around you should show sincere gratitude that affirms it is not his job. Otherwise, he can be pissed off by the idea that he is ordinary.

Mr. Spiritual

Your connection is based on spiritual grounds. You can identify with the same spiritual level and seek to grow together. When morals are the foundation you need for your relationship, then Mr. Spiritual is the one you need. A single woman who is morally upright should date this man. Principles should be solidified if there are any dreams for long-termed relationships over 30.

Mr. Adventurer

He is adventurous and will go places to try new things with you. He in for mountain climbing, hiking, sky diving just name it and you will be trying it together. This man is a rare gemstone so if you find him be as adventurous as possible to keep him. Open up to other things and agree in any things as far as life is concerned.

Mr. Decent Date

He is your right representation of personal and professional functions. Perfect match in your conversations and your life is complete with his compliments.

Fashion Boy

He knows how to treat your family and friends with courtesy. He is the man that girls will smile to even in the streets. He is not easily swayed by the beauty and curvy hips.


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