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30 Unbelievable Things No One Tells You about Being Single Over 30

women over 30

We all know a single woman over 30. You do not need to be an expert to know more or less the life that surrounds them living like this. It is just what most sees in them that have made us list the following things distinguish them. Do you think being single is being a lonely “stay”? Well just the list below will tell you the opposite.

It’s better for your BMI

Swiss and German researchers analyzed married and unmarried individuals. They found that, paired people were more likely to eat better; they also had a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) than their single counterparts with an equivalent difference to around 2 kilos. While this may seem like an insignificant figure, high BMI has been linked to health complications such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. So each percentage counts for the long term.

Appointments give you the opportunity to meet new people

Meeting new people becomes a challenge when you reach 30 years old. However, one of the benefits of being Single ladies over 30 is that when you go on dates with several new people each week, you are inadvertently expanding your social network.

You have less financial burdens

Being married is expensive. Once you join, you not only have to take care of yourself, but also your spouse and possibly even your children. One analysis even found that, while 27 percent of married couples with children and 36 percent of married couples without children have credit debts. Only 21 percent of single people owe money to their credit card companies.

You have more flexibility to fall in love

When you are younger, things like finances and family tend to decide where you establish yourself and with whom you relate. However, these things are not so problematic single women over 30.

You can enjoy the company of several people

Being a single woman means you can have the man with whom you have long and meaningful conversations. Then one with whom you dance, cook together, travel. Do you understand the idea?

It gives you time to foster your other relationships over 30

According to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, single woman are more sociable than married. They are more likely to stay in touch and offer help to friends and family.

Your happiness does not depend on other women

When you are single, you have the greatest flexibility to create your happiness. You have to build your life to promote your happiness, and the trick is to help people understand that your relationship status does not make you really happy.

You are more philanthropic than your married friends

Sociologist Eric Klinenberg discovered that those who are single are more likely than who are married to volunteer with charitable works.

You are more motivated to stay in shape

When you are single, you have more free time to devote to your hobbies and personal care activities. Eat healthier, exercise and take fitness classes can be done because your schedule is not so tight.

You do not have to suffer uncomfortable intimate encounters

As we get older, we have the opportunity to become familiar with our bodies and their responses to pleasure. You are less likely to encounter unsatisfying intimate encounters without saying anything or having an idea of ​​how to improve it.

You are only legally responsible for yourself

A marriage license is a legally binding contract. That is not taken lightly in the eyes of the law. But as a single woman, you only have to worry about your own mistakes.

You have more time to enjoy

When you are in a relationship, the way you spend your free time is usually dictated by the schedules of your family. However, when you’re single, your free time is completely yours.

You sleep more when you are over 30

According to a survey, single people get an average of 7.13 hours of sleep per night, compared to married people who only get 6.71 hours.

over 30

And the best

Not only do single men and women sleep more, they also sleep more deeply. When you are single, you determine the temperature, the type of covers, level of darkness, the side where you want to sleep and the time when you will wake up in the morning. No snoring, feet dragged, sneezing, coughing, or running up early in the morning to disturb your sleep.

Last minute holidays are totally acceptable when you are over 30

You have the freedom to do anything at any time. The world is your oyster, and there is not a soul in the world that can tell you otherwise.

You do not have to compromise

The best thing about being single is freedom. You have the opportunity to do what you want, as you want, whenever you want. Relationships over 30 require commitment and sacrifice. Say goodbye to the obligation to see Sunday football again!

You can say yes to crazy proposals in your work

When you are part of a relationship, you cannot simply accept a dream job proposal throughout the country or even around the world without first consulting your partner. Many people reject or put on good opportunities for relationships. Then repent when they do not have a new opportunity or their life just does not allow it anymore.

You have total control over your finances

As a single adult, all the money in your bank account is yours.  You have no one to answer or consult anyone other than finances.

You spend less time cleaning

Although you would think couples would spend less time cleaning because they have twice as many hands to help around the house. But a study found that married people spend more time cleaning on average than their single counterparts. .

You do not have to deal with the stress of the relationship

Every relationship has its fair share of problems. Those problems have psychological consequences that single people do not have to worry about.

Being single allows you to live where you want

If you have always wanted to try to live in Europe for a few years, now, while you are single and completely independent, it would be the perfect time to do it. The only thing that can stop you: the visa process and other logistics.

You can leave your comfort zone

Relationships over 30 are often defined by routine. It makes difficult for people in them to try new things. However, when you are not important, there is no need to feel too comfortable, and being single above 30 gives you the opportunity to go crazy.

You feel more comfortable in your own skin

Although being single between the ages of 20 and 30 is an often stressful scenario. Once you have reached your 30th and more years, you stop trying to fit into a mold to cut cookies. You know yourself and you accept yourself in your 30s and you feel comfortable with your style.

It is not necessarily lonely…all the time

It is incorrect to assume that someone is alone because she is single. On the contrary, single people are usually better adapted to deal with difficult issues alone or with friends. , whereas people who are used to being in a relationship do not know how to feel satisfied without a supportive partner.

But people will treat you as they are

Do not be surprised when your friends with a partner start treating you as if being single are a bad thing. People who are not single do not understand that it is possible to be happy without a partner, but instead of getting angry with their friends for their assumptions, simply ignore them, because you know you are happy like that and that is what matters.

You have a lot of personal space

One of the main differences between being married after 30 and being single after 30? Personal space. Single ladies spend a lot of quality time with friends and family, but at the end of the day, they can decide when it is enough, and at that moment they can retire to their quiet oasis of home. It’s a win-win!

You do not have to do anything you do not want

Being single in your life to drag you into the dreaded office parties or other social gatherings, you will never have to worry about ending up.

Many other women over 30 are single, too

According to a research, in 2014 there were more single people living in the world than married. And more specifically, about 39 percent of all individuals over 30 were single in 2012, compared to 30 percent in 1960!

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