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Single Over 30: 30 Juicy Things You Did Not Know about Growing Older

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Seriously being single over 30 there is a lot of questions around you but wonders never seize. Everybody is seemed to be getting married and you seem to be an old virgin or victim of wedding phobia. Things start to give a signal that you may have a certain kind of disorder that needs special medical attention. All the talks from family and friends start to wear you out. Rhetorical questions running in their minds but their faces tell that they go unanswered. Don’t look at your parents’ faces when you are single over 30. Because the question is written all over them, “what happened to our child?”

Being Single Over 30 Makes You more flexible to find love

But here is what no one tells you about being single over 30. Most people in their 20s tended to fall in love with people under influence. Finances and family tend to influence the choice of where and who you settle down with.  But being single over 30 you are flexible to get the one you are compatible with regardless of external factors. You dictate the choices you take with a freer and open mind in this period of time. This solidifies the relationships that start when you single over 30.

The best is yet to happen

You may be dating for a while and you’ve hit the rock in the relationships you thought were good for you. Certainly, the best is yet to happen. Now you know exactly what to look for and the red flags that tell you to run. Your Mr. Right does not vanish in thin air but rather drawing close to you. All you have to maintain is a relaxed mind without panicking. After all, what do you have to lose if get your heart desires while the rest who went before you start to solve unforeseen problems?

Being Single Over 30 Confirms this policy: Patience pays

You have a clear understanding of your sexuality and knows what is not good for. Being single over 30 has allowed you to get familiar with things about yourself that you wouldn’t at you 20s. Spending time with yourself has paid off by gathering your assertiveness. Patience is not how long you can wait but what you do while you are waiting. Your 20s were filled with many things to do that only needed your attention. If you are single over 30 all those things stops to be important. You start realizing your value and the most priceless commodity you have, TIME.

Being single over 30 gives you a sense of responsibility sets in.

It dawns to you that you have to do more than dating and trying if this and that are right for you. Only to find they were not who they seemed to be. Time becomes too valuable to waste doing things that are not worthwhile to you. Responsibility sets in and not just waiting for the right one but looking for what impact will you leave in the world. Apparently, it seems like it is the end of the world being single over 30.

Realize what really makes you happy

Many people in their teens have so many things that make them happy. Most of these are external and far-fetched. Being single over 30 you can create your own happiness. Which means relationships that result are not meant to find someone to makes you happy. They will find happiness in you and treasure your relationship.

You can give back to society

Research has shown that married people are not philanthropic, unlike their friends who are single. It calls for time and willingness to volunteer. Married people have focused their energy on their families and cannot volunteer in activities that give back to society.

Quite focused on healthy and staying in shape exercises

Being single allows you more free time to concentrate on activities that improve your health. Fitness classes are taken by many single people compared to married ones. Time to get yourself healthier is important to improve your looks that may match to your Mr. Right’s desires.

You are liable legally to your own mistakes

Marriage being legally-binding can infiltrate your partner’s mistakes to you. This means you have to accept the consequences of your partner’s legal liabilities.  But when you are single you have your own steps to mind not to cross with the law. Without fear of hidden lawsuits coming to surface, destroying all you have worked hard to get.

You dictate how you spend your free time.

Being single over 30 is an opportunity to spend your free time doing the things you love. Basically, your spouse or your kids determine how you will spend your free time. This time you are not all to yourself because your work needs your attention but you can go back to your hobbies often in your free time.

People who are Single over 30 spend less time working

 A case study conducted in the Institute of American Enterprise has shown many people who are over 30 work 400 fewer hours per year when they are single. This is different when they are in relationships. 

You get more hours to sleep

Sleep mode

Surely you have the bed all to yourself. That means the more hours you sleep. Unlike married people who have to organize everything they do on time and their kids who need attention in the morning.

You sleep much better than people in relationships

You get to decide on which side of the bed you feel comfortable, the level of darkness, the type of covers and even the temperature of the room. A comfortable mind sleeps better plus relaxation of the highest degree. Better sleep give your mind more energy to be more productive.

You are free from overwhelming thoughts

Thoughts can be distracted when you have to concentrate on important tasks. Singles don’t have many emotions to handle thus they can attain laser-beam focus and make sound decisions. Loving someone lessens the critical decision-making centers of the brain.

You have no pressure to settle

Single over 30 has learned how to live by their own means. This is no-brainer for them to settle in order to start a family. By the time you find your better match, there is no pressure in moving in together.

You have more confidence

Susan Winter a relationship expert said, “solitude breeds self-reflection that breeds confidence.” Relationships do not allow time of solitude because our partners are always in our thoughts.

You have no reason to compromise

Being single over 30 means you have the freedom to do anything you want, at your own time and in your own way. Unlike relationships require making the sacrifice and compromising your will power. Here you do things that affect not only you but your partner thus freedom gives birth to a different meaning in relationships.

You can go for the unexpected crazy promotions

Singles have only themselves to worry about. Unlike when you are in a relationship, crazy promotions across the country are not a thing you just accept with an amicable agreement with your partner. When your dream promotions come your way and you decide to turn it down for your relationship. This may leave you with no other chance or opportunity in the near future.

You easily manage your finances

There is practically no one who is responsible for how you spend your money other than yourself. Singles over 30 are likely to have reached a place of job and financially stable. Giving yourself special treats now and again is personal.

Less time is spent on cleaning

Single people spend a lot less time to do their cleaning than their married counterparts. Strangely as it sounds research carried out by the National Science Foundation has shown more hands for married people does not help to reduce the time spent in cleaning.

No relationship stress to deal with

Being single over 30 excludes you to the problems that are inevitable in a relationship. Stress from these problems leads to psychological consequences that single people don’t have to worry about. You have your time to study how to solve marital conflicts for a healthy relationship.

You are free to choose anywhere you want to live.

The liberty to live anywhere in the world is all to single people. You can pack and live in Asia while you are still single. This is not a privilege for partners in a relationship and jobs to report to.

You are not confined to your comfort zone.

You can get out of your comfort zone and venture new things. Unlike relationships that are defined by monotony (routine) and monopoly (trust).

You are more charitable

Singles give more generously than when they are in a relationship. This can mean that money in a relationship is a duo entity. Expenses are entitled to agreements in a relationship.

Being single you pay more taxes

Singles end up paying more taxes than married couples who file jointly thus receive the lowest tax rates. Also, they get higher capital loss deduction limits and more healthy IRA contribution deductions.

No one gives a damn that you are single

People give a damn on how a mother is raising a child and the conditions for a healthy childhood. Being single no one cares about how you live and the conditions you choose. Peak child-rearing years get society stigma but none to being single over 30.

You are alone but not necessarily lonely

Lonely can be a desperate condition that no one wants in life. But being single over 30 means you are alone. You cope to dealing with difficult matters all by yourself. Unlike relationships that often fulfill things by their supportive partners.


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