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Bad Boys : 10 Tricky Men you should never date in your 30s

bad-boys beware the women

When single women get to 30 years, they are not looking for bad boys to date they are deciding on the move to marriage oriented relationships. We have prepared the best dating tips on men you should never date. You have to get your things in order because that move does not take guesswork into the account. If you are single at 30 you have to be selective with who you want to date. I will try to point out ten types of men you should not date in your 30s. The last thing you want is time wasters to ruin the last of prime years in your life so let this dating tips be your guide.

Emotionally unavailable bad boys

The emotionally unavailable man is quite in the lovable style. He knows what it means to love but still, he gets absent emotionally. You will not connect fully with him. The relationship does not have to be waking up a man mentally and emotionally. He may be concentrating on other things that need his attention but that should not exclude you. Some of these men are fanatics to games. Every conversation with him he must talk about his favorite team. You may start losing interest in that relationship and grow tired of dating. Avoid him at all cost single women.

Mr. Bitter soul Bad Boys

Single women want a sound relationship, not a soul searching ship-so stay away from these bad boys. He is bitter with former dating experience even if it is over. He won’t get too close since he needs to maintain the gap where he can say, “Just forget it’s over”. He does not want to be dumped painfully and still keeps a safe distance in case the last scenario repeat itself.

You can’t get along with his remorse feelings and they are sad most times. The clock is ticking you don’t have time to play dumb. He can be confused and sometimes emotional out of control. Among men you should never date, you should think of running away from such guys or else you will get burned.

The Mama’s boy

Dating this type is asking for competition between you and his mother. There is nothing good and right that you can approve unless his mother accepted it. Relationship of women over 30 is not a game of who is right. Mama’s boy knows the one person who is always right. He would trust his mother to select clothes for him to buy from an online store but you. You should be quick to identify him due to frequent disagreement with your opinions. You don’t want to him or else you may end up cleaning his dirty closet that mama has been washing under wares and fix his life.

Mr. Zero Committal Bad Boys

Single women, you have heard that if a guy does not want a commitment, he definitely doesn’t. You may remain there trying to fix his commitment issues and end up being a sorry ass. Single women at 30 do not have time to fix men issues or fix men. Don’t stick around this guy, he will definitely disappoint you.

The Ladies Man

This bad boy is a player. He only loves being seeing in clubs with women. He can’t be responsible for anything in life. Single women, you will live a life of headaches due to the lies this ladies boy will feed you. Sex is mostly what he is after and irresponsible drinking. The married player is a serial cheater and the problem gets out of the frying pan into the fire.

Mr. Narcissistic Bad Boy

Hell just broke loose on you if you date one of these bad boys. Ignore this dating tips on narcissistic men at your own peril. Life is just about self-special attitude. All that matters to him is his obsession with himself. You don’t have any place in his world and it is permanently fixed like that. You can date him if you don’t need attention in a relationship since this guy is in a relationship with himself.

Mr. Flake Bad Boy

These bad boys don’t seem serious with their flaky style. The seem to be in love with you but it ends with texts and no real date for a serious date. This is not the guy single women should date at 30. You will need to call for dates with this guy. He can be boring with the taste of things he wants you to do together.

Mr. Positive Quitter

These bad boys are optimistic that love may not what they want. It seems they prioritize other things more than an affectionate relationship with a woman. Single women, the dating scene is just not worth the hustle for him.

Mr. Pessimistic Bad Boy

This bad boy will be little most of the things you want to achieve in life. His perceive is on the no need of that and this. Nothing can be perfect for him and neither can a perfect partner exist. You will not be adding up to perfecting in his eyes. He can easily turn off.

Mr. Ex-husband

This bad boy is divorced and things didn’t go well in the first relationship. No need to know whether he or his wife was wrong, this is not a guy to date in your 30s. Maybe looking for someone to make the ex-husband feel good. Listen to me single women, he is not the guy to trust his judgment on marriage.

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