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Dear 30s Women! The Limited Edition Flock


Dear 30s women…

Meet Jane- a single woman. She is good looking, intelligent, social, kind, name it. She had a  good life, dated a few alpha males in her time and enjoyed the packs of being in a relationship. In her time she broke some good relationships with men she believed were perfect for her; tall, handsome and intelligent with good jobs.

She acknowledges she didn’t have a good reason to end things. Maybe she wasn’t ready, perhaps she thought she had better options. That was 12 years ago. She is now 37 and facing some pretty tough choices in her life. She missed Mr. Right and now she has to date the men that are left.

What formula will work for this single lady? Does she stop being too damn picky and settle for what is left? After all this years of waiting? Does she get rid of the mental picture of an ideal man and let down her guard? Or maybe she is strong enough to live her life without depending on a man. Maybe she is generally a happy person and with the help of antidepressants, she should be OK!

Dear 30s women with kids…

Meet Mary. She is the ideal woman, takes good care of her self, she is selfless, kind, smart. She married her college sweetheart at age 23, not because she thought he was the one but because she was too scared to be alone. She was afraid of being lonely so ended up marrying her college sweetheart to give her the happily ever.

7 years down the line she is a single woman and raising a kid on her own. She is now 30 and facing some pretty tough choices in life.She has her days when she is alone and lonely. She is terrified of getting hooked to a man  who may disappoint her or even leave her broken, empty and alone. She is terrified of rejection.

What formula will work for Mary? Does she forget she was ever married and give men another chance to hurt her? Does this single woman give up men completely and raise her baby? After all, there are places in life she can only go alone. Does she follow her instincts and date again? If she is wrong about her choice, she’ll know better next time?

Dear 30s Women…

Whether you are a Mary or a Jane, here you are. Single, in your thirties, finding yourself to be more discriminating than when you were in your 20s, it is both a blessing and a curse. it is a blessing because you now know exactly what you want but it is a curse because you know exactly what you don’t want.

This is essentially true for a single woman like you in her 30s. You have an inflated ego, extremely high standards and a conviction that you shouldn’t settle. You shouldn’t settle because ‘a more ideal man’ may just be around the corner. Maybe you are afraid of rejection and that forces you to walk around with a magnifying glass looking for freckles in every man who shows interest. You exploit a potential suitors flaws so that you don’t have to get too close.

Single Women Over 30

Dear 30s women, it doesn’t matter which path you have chosen for yourself. As a single woman, it is most important thing is to stop comparing your journey to that of your peers.

Whichever your chosen path, it is your path live it well. It is important to believe that with all its bumps and expected turns, all the experiences have a purpose.  I invite you to share your journey with us. It doesn’t have to be boring as we promise to work with you the whole journey of life. Reach out, share your experience.

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