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How to break unhealthy relationships patterns for good in 5 amazing ways

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It is amazing when you find someone to love and love you back but unhealthy relationships are not just worth it. What is the unhealthy relationship patterns? Is it supposed to be unconditional love? I definitely don’t know the reasons why two people decide to be lovers. All there is for a fact everybody needs love.

To be loved and to love is an obligation gladly received by many. Honestly, you want a healthy long-term relationship and if that’s not possible you’d prefer joining the single women side. Thus, some relationship styles are better avoided like a heart attack. These are styles that create unhealthy relationship patterns that ruin emotions. So how do you break these unhealthy patterns?

Breaking over dependency in unhealthy relationships

Your relationship does not need to carry too much weight. It should be your number one priority since it needs nurturing. But this does not mean a reluctance to make plans until surety of your partner’s free time. Allowing your partner to do things on their own lightens dependent behavior.

Everybody needs some time to themselves. Respecting this need for solitude helps to break unhealthy relationships. Alone time to reflect on ourselves solves many conflicts increase productivity. Being too dependent is a sign of an unhealthy relationship pattern. This does not mean leaving your relationship on autopilot mode.

Breaking over independent in unhealthy relationships

As much as your relationship should not revolve around your whole life, not making any compromises is unhealthy. Over dependence is an issue that affects most single women when they decide to date. It is unreasonable to demand things to always go according to your way. Your partner feels the restriction of their freedom.

Success for your relationship will require compromising. Core values are out of bound when it comes to compromising. It does not need to go too far. Core values are non-negotiable. If you want children of your own while your partner doesn’t, this comes down to core values. Discussion of other options in such matters should be placed on the table when necessary.

Many are the areas we should accept not always will we have it our way. For instance, if you have different food preferences, it needs swallowing defeat sometimes. Decision making is paramount for a great relationship.

Some decisions are certain who should make them while others must be made together as a couple. This maintains harmony for your relationship and rarely will anyone of you be tired of each other. Staying in agreement always helps to solve minor issues that may arise due to third parties.

Unwillingness to make sacrifices in unhealthy relationships

Making sacrifices in a relationship is inevitable. Your life is no longer single. It calls for a commitment to a long-term relationship. Commitments require sacrifices if not numerous then minor. Respecting some minor details can mean great impact and save you from unhealthy relationships.

For instance, if you agree to inform each other of any inconveniences that lead to coming home late, it should be respected. It goes above how important you think it is to make the sacrifice. It is not a matter of comfort that one partner feels with the sacrifice. Relationships cannot do well without sacrifices.

Failure to communicate about what make you uncomfortable


There is no couple that is exactly the same as the term perfect match wants us to believe. You cannot have the same preferences, behaviors, and attitudes. Some of your partner’s preferences, behavior or attitudes may cause a lot of uncomfortable circumstances.

How you communicate things that make you feel uncomfortable changes many things. As far as relationship patterns are concerned, each one of you should air them freely. Communication can be the difference between healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships

Allowing uncomfortable feelings torment you is bad for your relationship. This eventually causes you to turn off and become emotionally unavailable. Letting frustration to accumulate within you is not only unhealthy to your relationship but also to your body. Willingness to work on things that your partner dislikes can change the course of your relationship.

Understanding what inequality does not mean

In as much as our culture, today is promoting equality in a relationship, inequality is still better. Although inequality is old-fashioned style it served effective to relationships. It can still be healthy for a long-term relationship when it is well understood.

When you want to break unhealthy relationship patterns, it’s important to identify each partner’s role. If a man is the head, does that exclude him from contributing equally to house tasks?

Making a relationship more romantic is always a way of avoiding bad patterns. Helping to take care of the children after work is both helpful and mature.

Dividing up house tasks is healthier for a couple. But some decisions go beyond inequality. These decisions may affect the relationship seriously. Intimacy should be discussed and agreed on by both parties.

Gone are the days when sex had to be initiated by the man. He ends up receiving all the pleasure while the woman grieves. Both partners should enjoy the satisfaction thereof. Such decisions dictate a healthy pattern a relationship takes.


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