How to trick a man to marry you
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How to trick a man to marry you in 7 easy ways

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(How to trick a man to marry you)

Single women finding a man is one thing but how to trick a man to marry you is a different ball game. As a single woman, you may be wondering when you will be engaged or even looking for a man to marry you. Your man does not seem to be in a hurry to marry you. He still not showing interest in the matter. If symptoms persist, take matters into your own hands.

If you want to get married, have an honest conversation with your man

Taking time and having an honest conversation with your man is a smart move. Your man may be one of the guys who see marriage as just a piece of paper. It may not be a big deal for him to marry you. Certainly, if you are reading this blog, marriage means a lot to you. It may be a sign of security for your relationship.

Perhaps it is the ultimate commitment in your life. You really to spend the rest of your life with the man you love. You cannot live without him even against all odds. Maybe its time to let him know all the reasons why you want to get married.  He should know how happy you will be to get married. This may be the reason why he marries you.

Show him the ring you want

Guys do not know what to get for a ring. They mostly have no clue on jewelry and your man is no exception. It is an honest move if you just told him the kind of ring you want. This will make sure you are happy with his choice. Plus saving both of you time with guesswork will help you make a sound decision. It is important trick a man to marry you.

Make this decision to be so easy for him if you want to get a man to marry you soonest possible. Don’t drum into his head crazy tons of details. Simply send him a link to the site selling the kind of ring you want. He gets more open to the idea of proposing to you.

If you want to get married, Give him on an ultimatum

Put a time frame on things if you can’t see any sign of engagement. It is difficult to set him on an ultimatum. You simply explain your plans in life and let him decide to join the wagon. Nothing can suggest success since it is strange to make a man rush to meet your time frame.  Maintain it on showing him how ready you are to get engaged. This will keep him thinking and realize there is no more time to waste. Your readiness may be that one thing that shows him how much you need to get married. Show concern on how much time he needs to pull the engagement.

If you want to trick a man to marry you, talk about weddings all the time

He should know you want to get married because you always talk about the wedding. Start reading on wedding gowns and let him know which design will fleek your curves. It is not wrong to watch wedding shows on television programs.

Let him know you are opposed to going to the next wedding with him. Convince him to go to your friend’s wedding ceremony with you. Overwhelm him with your obsessed chatter on weddings. Set topics such as great wedding venues that other couples choice. At this point, he just can’t ignore you and make his plans to propose. Talking about weddings is one of the best way to trick a man to marry you.

If you want to get married, give him a budget to work with

Most men are afraid to propose because they don’t know how much an engagement ring cost. Releasing his fears of the cost of an engagement ring may be all he needs.

If you want him to propose very soon you have to set a budget for him. Do not set one preference for a ring. Set a variety of ring preference that covers any financial position.

If you want to get married, spend more time with married friends

Let your boyfriend get comfortable with the idea of marrying you. He should be picking you up while you are hanging around your married friends. Let your married friends show him that marriage is the best thing that happened in their lives.

When you want to get married, make sure he doesn’t find marriage as anything bad. Especially if he comes from a divorced family, changing his negative thoughts about marriage is crucial. Marriage should reflect a happy and blessed union with the ultimate commitment to each other.

Love yourself is a trick a man to marry you

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(How to trick a man to marry you)

Your relationship may be the best thing that has ever happened to you. All your focus has been to do things that make your man happy. It is time to change your focus back to yourself.

When you are looking for a man to marry, It does not mean you will win his heart by making him happy. Making a man have the urge to propose to you simply requires him to see a goal oriented woman. So if you are looking for a man to marry, rethink your strategy.

Let the dreams of your life be real to him. He gets the idea that you’ve got a life outside him. Get back the focus on your fitness. Do your nails a fresh and discover any new styles that fit you. When he sees you happy he will be craving to do something new to take your relationship to the next level.

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