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Dating Online: The Terrible Return on Investment of online dating in your 30s

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Dating Online-The gold rush of the 20th century plays again in another form. dating online in your 30s is bullshit to think Mr. Right is available online. It is what everybody seems to be going after. The talk and praises of online dating have struck the millennials in a hard way.

It is turning to be a hub for narcissists and sociopaths. Low self-esteem is common among the young guys trying to find a perfect match online. All to realize how terrible its return on investment is. To the dating apps and website owner its business as usual.

The comfort zone of desperation that becomes dating online

If you ask me what is happening too many in their 30s trying to date online? I will say it is their comfort zone of desperation. It is expensive how much is invested in dating apps just to meet someone. Thanks for the marriages that are recorded to have met online. But no thanks, it’s a ratio of 1 pair to 10000 pairs of us out there.

The hope of meeting a perfect match solidifies. All that you think of is your patience is not enough. If not so then your investment is not as much as what success requires. Or the approaches you have to your supposedly perfect match is not enough. It is a game of numbers so they say.

Let’s play the online dating game with only 1% chances of winning


Is it the new trending game of thrones? Or a world of science fiction? Only that it’s no longer fiction. Online dating in your 30s is a game you are bound to lose at the expense of other people’s gain. Profiting from your hard earned money just to play some stupid game that feeds lies to you.

What happened to the law of attraction? Does it no longer exist in its power to show our real feelings? They should call it a game of deception. Numbers have the power not forget to the whole computer science is just on two numbers 0 and 1. How many lives to you have to be playing this game?

The dating online bullshit designed to make you feel at the hill peak

You may be in the new technology and your world has made drastic changes. What many do not know is the fact that technology is a business profiting from selfishness. You are selfish not to take some time and go to places where you will meet a potential match.


It is selfish to think you will not do anything to get a genuine soulmate. Yes, you think you really are playing the hardest game to try to get a soulmate? You are depriving other people to know you in real life and sorting for private meetings. It’s bullshit to try and feel at the peak of the hill. You may end up dying on it.

Changing the price tags of of meaningless things to make them look expensive

Think of it as changing the price of a hot dog and placing it on 3D flat screen TV. Cheap things like meeting a guy in real life for free. Now it is no longer cheap since it has to happen online. Brainwashing millions of people using dating apps and sites to spend a lot of money just to meet people. It is crazy how the invested is no worth it.

Losing an investment in bonds and trading forex just means to learn new ways to trade. Online dating in your 30s is not just losing investment but also caging yourself with clouded expectations. You just need to swipe right and start dating online. The effort-to-result establishment has been degraded.

Challenging effort-to-result of the dating online establishment

It’s no longer how good your communication skills are to get earn good faith from a potential match. It is reduced to the typing of words. Faking it all is good in the photos and videos.

Days of putting effort to be in the right place at the right time to find a date are far gone. We are becoming more workaholic and forgetting important things. No longer going to the club to find rare attention. When you find some rare attention you are sure your feelings will not be played with.

Online dating in your 30s has posed to be a game that plays with your feelings. You really have to kiss that frog because there is no success overnight. Honestly, the odds stand against many users of online dating apps. It is not even close to the probability of winning a gamble in one of the prestigious casinos in Vegas.

Online dating odds are far way unfair. You may find thousands of perfect match but the swiping and the money spent doesn’t guarantee success. Return on Investment is just too insulting to your money and time. Time is not something many people find as an investment. I will remind you. Online dating in your 30s is not a risk worth taking.


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