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Picture Perfect Relationships : 6 Dirty Secrets about Perfect Couples

Society has taught us the art of faking it and how how picture perfect relationships should look like. Love is such a beautiful thing when it happens genuinely for a couple. When they are in love everybody knows. For some people, they even envy the picture perfect relationship that they see.


No fights, completely compatible in decision making, the similarity of their feelings are all perfect. The happiness among them is unspeakable. For some people who see that, the old saying “if wishes were horses…….” comes true.

But the opposite is not far from the truth ‘nothing is perfect’. The appearance of a perfect relationship is essentially more important than what the relationship is really like to the eyes of the world.

Inner pain of having to live in a picture perfect relationship with a cheating partner

As long as the perfect couple throws a super spiritual smile, how a relationship is going is not important to people. They buy what looks are selling without knowing they are deceptive.

How would it be in a relationship when both partners were caught cheating? So should they go on as if they are cheating brats who are meant to be together? Thoughts of we deserve each other since we both cheated would be the lies that each of them will be telling themselves.

All people need to know is that they are staying together but living like islands. Definitely, it’s insane and they probably should break up.

Unsupportive yet the picture perfect relationship is envied by friends and family

Some perfect relationships are still existing to the envy of their family and friends. While they are envied either one of them still is hurting inside. The guy is not supportive of her partner when she needs him most.

It must play an imaginary friend who is never there. Certainly, if the guy can’t give her all she needs, he is not any good for a picture perfect relationship. She deserves his love, time, support and special attention. This tends to be kept under the bed to avoid confrontations.

You have to kiss the frog to maintain perfect couple social status

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Socially everyone wants to be like you. Stories of your perfect relationship are told by many in society. The truth is none of the supposedly perfect relationships want to be around each other.

In the midst of hatred among the couple, the picture perfect has to play in the public. The dirty secret that many would rather kiss the frog than letting it be what it is. It all narrows down to how committed the couple is willing to play the game to maintain the social status. According to me such do themselves a huge favor of letting it go.

Faking it till the dirty perfect relationship secret is too hot to bare.

Loneliness is not anyone’s wish. This can be a case of phobia of living single while many of your friends get married.


The woman does not exist to her partner unless it is in the face of the public. All went well and they seem to love each other but behind closed doors, the woman gets behind the bars of her own prison.

It does not sound like love not even tough love in this case. Till the super fake couple gets to the point of too much heat to bare and she decides the end that madness. He can’t be completely ignoring her and play games, chatting on the phone totally to himself. It is partial loneliness and not worth fighting for.

‘What if’ dirty secret for a perfect relationship

Life is just a stage with many actors and actresses. May act it as if it all right to be in what they are going through. All they ask what if there is nothing better than this. Picture perfect relationship of a lady who caught her man cheating.

All are running in her mind is what if I dump him? She plays out to the perfect relationship that all her friends know she has. Can she save her face in front of her friends? It is not such a shame to tell everyone your partner cheated than letting it kill you from within.

Family is not that important for us

What would the family think if their girl finds Mr. Right and have a perfect relationship? All glitters and the man is adored by the entire family. The dirty truth is she is constantly pulled by the man away from her family. What is the dark secret of his intentions?

It cannot get any clearer until the fateful day of bringing the motives to light. It is not a perfect thing for them at this point. Family is important for both of them regardless of their social status.

Picture perfect as it seems, its reasons can only be explained by the painter. Undivided affection should be shown by the man and complete appreciation for both families. After all, keeping it genuine is the best thing.


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