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Why Am I Still Single at 35: The Ugly Truth

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It narrows down to your personality if you find yourself single at 35. Character defines a person more than the looks and the haves. I thought beauty is all there is to be in a relationship. But men have evolved not to consider minor factors as though they are great.

Single Women Fear Failing at Relationships

Many single ladies have been raised to think they deserve it all . They end up belonging in their own world. With time, they get exposed to life and realise they need to be in a relationship. They are ready but afraid of losing what they want.

The fear of getting offended by not getting that which they think they want builds a wall. They feel vulnerable and they don’t want to be exposed too much but rather filter everything carefully. Being too careful can be the reason why you are single at 35.

Single Ladies Fear Rejection

This phobia is associated with the kind of childhood that you had. Rejection is built in the sub-conscious mind and affects adult life. Relationships seem to be the field to realize how you are undeserving. Fear to date people who are above our level of attractiveness, education, and income is a common sign of this phobia.

This makes you feel as if you don’t belong to any class of people. Serious improvement in your self-esteem can change this killer of socialism. Social life is diminished trying to stay away from feeling worthless in case you are not accepted. Rejection triggers in your mind that you are not good enough for a man of high status.

Single Women Attract Emotionally Unavailable Men

Walls that you create to prevent yourself from the offense, causes you to choose the wrong person who you don’t like. After you find out the man is emotionally unavailable, you start to feel despair.

Setting yourself for losing in relationships that don’t fit you in any way. After several break ups, you decide to break down psychologically on anything to do with love and intimacy. Thoughts concerning relationship or even been approached becomes discomforting.

When Single at 35, You May Fear Intimacy

This manifests when you are in a relationship and you are afraid that the man wants to be too close to you. You may be building fantasies of love that dictates that some distance is good. Sounds familiar? Playing hard to get ?

You develop a mechanism that helps you to get every man in a relationship with you to loss interested with you. As effective as it is you are single at the age of 35 due to fear of intimacy.

Single Women at 35 Become Very Picky

Every human being has defenses that make us pickier and question validity. A series of bad relationships in your 20s resulted in being picky and not letting people into your heart. Experience of deception and rejection by a person who you had strong feelings for is fatal to oppose you in the attempt of getting into a relationship again.

The ‘all men are dogs’ single women are so picky that they are not sure of what a relationship means anymore. Only negative minded from the moment you meet somebody. Thoughts are registering for no possibility for anything good shutting you out for a change. This trend is no wonder why many are single at 35 years. You don’t get to know how a man would make you feel because of dwelling on his weakness only.

Being Single at 35 May Affect Your Self-esteem

You want to be in a relationship but you think no one important will be interested in you. Guess what this happens to both men and women. This feeling repeated shows you how insufficient you are. Voices in the inner man say you are too short to be dated by that tall handsome man. Every man that approaches you feels that you are not being open due to lack of confidence in yourself. Relationships end before they start. It is a problem for low self-esteem victims to even leave the house let alone involving in things which have the potential of meeting a partner. You fail to pursue your heart desires and fully be available for a partner.

When You Are Single at 35, you Prefer Isolation

At 35 years a woman you may be more successful than many men. This causes you to enter into a bubble of comfort zone which is hard of a man to get to you. Financial stability tends to move us further from the world around us where we can find a potential partner.

Isolation becomes a safe place of the excuse for not coming out to the world where we can meet people. Growth attachment of isolation can affect children and most times single motherhood is better for you. Relationships over 35 can be rare to initiate for single women who don’t go out to have fun with people. What you develop as a defense is responsible for keeping you single at 35.

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